The Isabel Marant Shoes Fashion Trend
26 Jun

The Isabel Marant Shoes Fashion Trend

Which design of Isabel Marant Outlet do you prefer? I am so fascinated by the fact that Isabel Marant has had her line since 1994 yet the phenomenon of her super trendy shoes has only been around for a few years. Letstake a look


Isabel Marant is known for designing the it shoes. First it was the Dicker boot, then the Bekett sneakers and now we have a new trendy friend in town the Carol sandal.


Kate Bosworth is who I associate with making these boots happen, but they were equally as popular with models. Probably because they have to wear extremely uncomfortable shoes all the time, so if you can get a little height and be comfortable at the same timethen why not?


Then Marant decided that sneaker wedges are going to happenand everyone followed. Now, you cant go to fashion week without seeing 8-10 pairs in one single rush out of Lincoln Center. Again, it could be comfort thing. No one really wants to wear high heels 12 hours a day for 7 daysbut you know how I feel about sneaker wedges. And Ill leave it at that.


And now we move onto the new Isabel Marant sandals .The Blonde Salad, Peace Love Shea and Fashion Toast. Its like before I can even enjoy the shoe, Im over it. Ya know? But I havent seen anyone wear the high heel version yet. So theres still time.


So basically where Im getting at here ishow did the fashion world decide that the it shoes of celebrities, bloggers and everyone in between is going to be Isabel Marant?We can see.The trend on Isabel Marant Sale would rocket in the market.


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